Bin 46, Longmont, Colorado

Sipping wine at twilight at a quiet spot on Main. Taking in the sights of our new town and making plans to explore the 'hood. It was idyllic, and new, being able to head into town leaving the kiddo with my recently transplanted parents.

We made our way to a cozy wine bar just a few blocks away from home, which made the evening that much more fun and relaxing. No driving anywhere, and a slightly tipsy stroll home through the park? Sounds perfect. So we settled into Bin 46's patio seating, and enjoyed our evening, snacking on olives and sipping our Organic Red Blend. I wish I could remember the name of the wine, because it was just what I like.

We strolled together under the stars, and made our way back to our new home. Can date nights always be this calm and relaxing?

olives and wine.jpg