5 Random Instagrams I Love to Love

When it comes to my Instagram feed, I follow a little over a 1k other accounts (eek, I know, right?! It's a little much.) While many of these belong to my family and friends, a ridiculous amount of them are not. They're travel accounts, interior styling & design accounts, and just an absolutely crazy amount of photographers (whom I find quite inspirational). Littered between these main themes, though, are several handfuls of other more random accounts, all of which I love to much to ever unfollow.  They add that extra bit of something to my feed that keeps me smiling and thoroughly entertained on days when I've seen one too many posts about the new Magnolia line at Target.

So, without dragging this on any longer, here are five accounts I love to love (in no particular order, except for the last one. He's special.) :

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This was one of my first best finds. I don't know what I enjoy more, the brilliant quotes or the b&w photos that they're paired with.... or their overall aesthetic, which is on point.

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For the Francophile who has been trying to teach herself the language in the hopes of one day traveling around France, speaking effortless French. It keeps the dream alive, at least.

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This is the NSFW one of the group. And I do mean that... It's profanity laden, raunchy as hell, and full of highly inappropriate content, that's pretty unsuitable for certain audiences. It'll make your grandmother blush, and your kids ask questions you really don't want to have to answer. But it's great. It pairs well with my own fowl mouth. 

Face the Foliage is a feature account that satisfies my artsy fartsy side. It's literally faces (or scenes) fashioned out of plant materials (a.k.a. foliage.

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This last one is my favorite. It's the one of only a few instagram accounts I follow where I enjoy the caption exponentially more than the actual photo.  Joe Rohde is absolutely brilliant. You know that "what three people, living or deceased, would you have lunch with" question?  Well, he's on my list, sitting in between Anthony Bourdain and my currently unidentified third guest.  This guy is a veteran executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, and was the lead designer for Disney's Animal Kingdom, and so on. You know all those little details scattered about the park? He's the guy that can tell you exactly which store in Bali they bought those umbrellas from (and probably still knows the shop owner, because he visits often) or why they used that particular texture on that wall.  He's intensely creative, and a real intellectual. His posts, for the most part, are are thoughtful, insightful, knowledgable, and many times, poignant.  He's led the most fascinating life, and has traveled to some truly amazing places, all of which he shares on his instagram. I always get excited when his posts scroll onto my screen because I know I'll be introduced to something entirely new and fascinating. I keep learning interesting and unexpected things from him, and I'm hooked. I'm a HUGE fan now, and I don't even remember how I stumbled upon his page way back when (way back.)

What unique, quirky, fun, or interesting Instagram accounts do you follow?

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