This website is just beginning. It's new, and I am inexperienced. Beginning something new, to me, means learning, growing, and changing, and I feel like I crave all those things all the time.

This little piece of internet real estate was created to be used a space for me to practice and learn some new skills, a way to give myself some new goals and challenges, and to share little insights and musings with whoever would like to listen.

To me, in this moment, this space is mostly about creativity and growth; a place for self-expression, maybe even reflection. But it's also for connecting with other people, and for finding a community of people to share and work with.

My hope for this space is for it to be entertaining, to be worth spending a little time on, to be a place you might learn something new or interesting. I want to create and curate interesting content for you and do it well (and I hope I can).

So there it is. That's what this space, this website is about. for now. (Because after all, growth is impossible without change.)

Oh and hey, thanks for stopping by!


Longmont, CO

Longmont, CO